Just as a child expects nice surprises in any situation, grown up photographer never loses faith in sudden little miracle.


In a flat country, any form of climbing seems a career advance.
Dutch say: God Created the World, But the Dutch Created the Netherlands . I am fascinated how nature conquers forms shaped by men and make it look , well, natural .


How a drunken tunnel looks to the collected, objective camera. Relative movement of a car makes it apparent that even a steady tunnel and very critical eye of the camera can be fooled by movement, just as people can think they are objective while perceiving a distorted reality.

According to the Dutch spatial planning policy , in general , space is divided between Urban and Rural domains, but this policy has never been too strict. Blurred lines.
It took a German urban planner, Thomas Sieverts to define an urbanised countryside and name it Zwischenstadt, describing areas which are neither a city nor a countryside .
But really, how does it feel to actually live in a "Zwischenstadt" ?
We actually don`t walk here and the local shopping mall which mimic the downtown experience has it "all" you need.
A piece of that puzzle is my conceptual project in which I predominantly capture and interpret urban landscape(mostly without people) as opposed to urban sociology.

Pattern recognition in everyday day life scenes and colours, aiming to get to the essence of beauty and virtue by sensing similarities between apparently distinct categories such as urban vs rural, city introvert attitude
vs provincial cheerfulness, romance vs cynicism…

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