Instead of taking over boring jobs from humans, a constellation of robots chose to monopolize creativity 61x46 cm acrylic on canvas, 2023



Pulcinella mangia spaghetti 81 x 60 cm acrylic and pastel on linen 2022




Annual meeting of People's Institute of Strategic Studies as presented by the media , with a rather confusing outcome
30x40cm acrylic on canvas 2021














©Tea Popovic 2019

The End of the World Party" - 2020 / ANNA@KV2 The Hague, NL

Stay cool, do not take yourself too
seriously , 30x40 cm acrylic on

©Tea Popovic 2020


Similarities between ancient mythology and acting forces in contemporary times amuse and inspire me to use visual hints from predominantly popular culture and media in general to soften conflicts and even promote fairness in all fields by sometimes being a “bad feminist” for instance…By observing the different aspects of society: popular culture, power struggle, current political issues, globalisation and cultural clashes, often with ironic and humoristic style, I carefully craft stories that are worthy of belief- a skill requiring intellectual sophistication, emotional sensitivity. In that sense humor "relativizes" the tyranny of reality. I look up for an inspiration through my everyday life experience and a variety of sources with a tongue-in-cheek approach. Humor plays an important role but not in a sense that I'm trying to make someone uncomfortable. It's more like a relief. Somehow humor heals and it keeps things exciting. I play with narrative, a little story, I like to have something going on with the characters. Narrative character of my art is a way of conveying a message.The visual language that I use or the titles of my work must be ambiguous, must have at least a double meaning, in order to avoid prosaic or preacher’s attitude, satisfy myneed to see things from different perspectives. I do not always aspire to great narrative or to social heights sometimes I just play with pretty colors

©Tea Popovic 2017/2018






©Tea Popovic 2016


ReMIXed Reality , 2016 , Galerie op 11, Zundert, NL
De tentoonstelling "ReMIXed Reality" van Tea Popovic laat een overzicht van tekeningen, schilderijen en digitale prints zien uit de laatste vier jaar. De werken bevatten vaak elementen uit de hedendaagse massacultuur


©Tea Popovic 2015





©Tea Popovic 2013
©Tea Popovic 2014

"Sociometry" (series of drawings) , Kunsthuis Verse Vis, Utrecht ,NL 2011
solo exhibition


All paintings are done with H2Oil, environmentally friendly colours

©Tea Popovic 2012

"Unbearable sweetness of cynicism" 2009/2010 series of paintings
2010 Finesse Druk , Heerhugowaard , solo-exhibition (together with Nico van Stralen and Herbert Nouwens) during Atelier en Kunst-route
"Unbearable sweetness of cynism" While being visually sweet,
I actually protest in a funny manner, like Isabella Rosellini would do.
One way of possesing good manners is to insult in apparently harmless, charming way while at the same time raising very serious political and sociological questions.
The common thread is visually saturating invitation for contemplation about more fundamental questions of current day issues.
Even if I can not suggest a solution at least I have to put up a question.

"Airtight" series of paintings , 2007 , 50x60x3 cm ,120x100x3 cm , acrylic, oil, spray, marker on canvas.
ArtUnit Gallery,Haarlem

"AIRTIGHT" In an overblown, commercialized and thereby distorted reality a few experiences, like sex for instance, still have the directness and authenticity.
There is no spin doctor to implant us the opinion of our own sexual experience, in a way it makes it a secret garden of our consciousness.
By longing to experience directly we subsequently all get back to naked reality, however ugly it might be.
My colors are toned down to a few but vibrant ones, representing an outside viewer as a biased spirit, unable to see the true colors of the happening itself, call it a voyeuristic impulse if you please…
No logo, no media, no promotion, no intrusion on someone else's mind…Privacy and authenticity have to be restored in order to start responding to world in a non-automated, blasé, inhibited manner..

"Where`s my chicken?" series of paintings, 2005, 40x50x3 cm, 120x140cm, 100x150cm, acrylic, spray, marker on canvas .
Galerie Open Atelier `De Vrijplaats`, Amsterdam

Chicken street is the main street in Kabul , Afghanistan. People there have seen two mightiest military forces marching through it recently , but still wondering: What`s in it for me ? In Pushtu language, rich with allegories, one say it as WHERE IS MY CHICKEN? On a much larger scale , an artist sees the intensive interaction between cultures , all under a clout of globalisation , and wonders whether blending can enrich us all spiritually and economically , or make our minds more uniform , like the clothes of marching armies . The two separate concepts of time are clashing , illustrated as gray scale cowboys (their mindset : YOU ARE WITH US OR AGAINST US ) on the background of traditional , subtle and allegoric forms and colors of sleepy , and essentially Islamic , Central Asia..As Paul Virilio stated in his magistral work SPEED AND POLITICS : Western man has appeared superior and dominant, despite inferior demographics , because he appeared more rapid .....Speed is the hope of the West .
(from the MA thesis) ..For instance, palms denote nature, tourism, warmth-success, a cheetah is wilderness, speed, danger-pleasure, a camel represents travel, adventure, exoticism-desire. What is common for tourism and eroticism is the act of approaching nature and ourselves; the disclosure of the confined and movements towards those close to us, towards another person. All the senses become active and everything aspires to overcome estrangement. Healthy functioning requires ability to become close and to distance oneself. The removal of one's attire is a pre-condition for eroticism. Nudity is truth about man, but also a symbol of pleasure or meeting one' bodily (instinctive) needs. It is necessary to remove a taboo in order that we reveal ourselves in our need to satisfy our primeval desire. An uncontrolled hedonism is a mystery and social morals serve to prevent the revelation of that mystery. Man is frightened of the biological drives within himself. In fact, man is an animal which does not lose control over himself, which acknowledges, recognition being a release. I do not think one should be freed for the sake of relief, but for the sake of pleasure. A persistant search for pleasure and the evasion of unpleasent things and emotions represents a hedonistic logic, however, unpleasant things we must tolerate in order to adapt successfully impose themselves in the world that surrounds us. Pleasure is by no means an end but the consequence of the realisation of an end(desire)...
Tea Popovic

Postgraduate show, 2002, 120x140 cm , 80x60cm .. oil ,enamel on canvas.
Belgrade ,Serbia (Faculty of Fine Arts Gallery)