Drawings 2011 "Sociometry"

Life is an absurd, art is a medicine (Sociometry)

›Contemporary cacophony of controversial moral views leave a little space for calm and structural evaluation. We are bombarded by sound and picture bites like a tourist in a jungle. Our only mental survival weapon against media-invasion is our pattern recognition ability and comfort of being able to relate economy to meteorology or demography to bacteriology. Juxtaposed themes in my drawings represent paradoxes that train our ability to make quick decisions and hence recognize hidden dangers.





Drawings 2010 ( Sociometry series)





Drawings 2009 "Body Nostalgia & Soul Fitness"


(all drawings are made in 2009 on parchment and royal parchment paper with fibre pens, fineliner,aquarel, charcoal pencil)

› In my quest for authenticity in the world of manufactured reality, I focus my attention to an urban beach
(the gym) instead of forcefully agreeing to praise an artificial experience such is a tropical beach fetish endlessly repeated in the media. One can only stay true to himself/herself if carefully listening to the signals of the body and soul.
A gym, a towel, a bottle of water,an open mind free of thought…and there you have it: instant freedom in a capitalistic world made to make you unfree .

Drawings < 2009