Tea Popovic
makes art out of everyday life based on material found from television, movies , books and other media. She makes drawings, paintings, objects and installations depicting themes such as estetics politics, gym/fitness, consumer goods,internet images, street photography. Recent paintings/drawings are made with a use of digital devices such as smartphone and tablet. She observes the different aspects of society: popular culture, power struggle, current political issues, globalisation and cultural clashes. Often with ironic and humoristic style, she carefully crafts stories that are worthy of belief- a skill requiring intellectual sophistication, emotional sensitivity and reveals observations on the everyday reality. In that sense humor "relativizes" the tyranny of reality.


SOBERING ARTICLE IN METROPOLIS M: Ik ben wie ik ben omdat ik zeg wie ik leuk vind - I am who I am because I say what I like
SOBERING BOOKS: Stuff Parisians Like, Art and Politics in the Age of Enterprise Culture
SKIN COLOR: needs a lots of sunshine, all the time
MOVEMENT: very sudden and intense
AN AFFILIATE MEMBER OF : Konstantinopolitischerduedelsackpfeiffermachergezellschaft mbH
WEAPONRY: I stare at you with a nice smile until you realize you are defenseless
I AM GOOD IN : scratching my own car in a miniature sized dutch public garages
TV: travelchannel
RELIGIOUS VIEWS : I respect budism but believe my own eyes only
RANK IN A SOCIETY: aspiring socialite
WINE OR BEER PERSON : kir royale
(now I think mountains obstruct the view)
I LIKE TO : talk, walk, listen to French people talking English, be in a click free environments
AMBITION : not blond
INFLUENCED BY people who have the ability to seem and act normal
..Dutch say be normal, that is crazy enough
I WANT TO do everything very fast that`s why drawing makes me feel fulfilled. I don`t understand what is the point of needlework.

I was not aware that I was an artist until I was handed a little box of crayons and a drawing pad , from a Russian steward on my way to Machu Picchu. You see, Russians are to blame for everything ... My classmates in Belgrade from the 2nd grade were being fed propaganda and I was travelling. What a beautiful way not to be owned by the system, thank you mom...
Of course I had to return to school but a taste of freedom is still alive. You may call me a free range chicken allowed to roam freely but we`re all mad here anyway.

Geboren in Belgrado (ex- Joegoslavië), woont en werkt in NL
Tea Popovic is afgestudeerd aan de Academie van Beeldende Kunsten in Belgrado in 1999 (bachelordiploma 1993-1998 BFA). In 2012 behaalde ze haar Master's degree aan deze Academie .

Zij is bezig met de popcultuur en massamedia door middel van tekening, schilderij, objecten/installaties, foto, straatfotografie en digitaal schilderen van beelden met thema's als politiek, pop muziek, gym/fitness, consumptiegoederen, en random internet beelden.